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Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

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an important clinical tool for the
homeopathic practitioner

Presented by
Dr. Tim Shannon, ND, DHANP

October 13, 2018, 8:30 to 5:00
Bastyr University, Room 63
ACHENA designates this workshop for a maximum of 7 hours 
of continuing professional development

Do you feel frustrated in finding the “precise” deep simillimum for EVERY case? Are you interested to see if there’s a reliable and predictable method to find good remedies that resolve patient’s mental AND physical health complaints? In Boenninghausen’s case books, it was found that he cured more than 600 cases of epilepsy. This was accomplished with a palette of only 135 homeopathic medicines.

Come and learn a relatively simple and reliable form of homeopathy, proven in the only double-blind crossover ADHD homeopathy trial. The trial showed that polarity analysis (PA) can yield up to an 80% success rate with ADHD. In addition, this method is based on Boenninghausen’s very successful method and has also been shown to yield an 80% success rate with chronic complex disease in a pilot study.

Dr. Shannon has been using this method as the dominant form of homeopathy in his practice. He is seeing better and more reliable outcomes while spending much LESS TIME and using LESS REMEDIES. Originally, he used the method with some of his stuck cases. He was surprised that in many of those cases, PA showed great results. Over time, it became the default method in his practice—but not the exclusive method. He regards PA as a tool—one of the many tools available to us in the homeopathic community.

This seminar will be an opportunity to kick the tires of this system. We will use many cases from Dr. Shannon’s practice to work through and learn the system. The cases will also be a good opportunity to showcase the utility of the PA with mild health concerns as well as more significant complex pathology.

About Dr. Tim Shannon

Dr. Shannon is a naturopath who uses Homeopathy and Diet & Lifestyle medicine as his primary healing modalities. His original classical training came from NUNM and an advanced course of 4 years with Dr. Massimo Mangialavori. He practiced Massimo’s approach for more than 10 years—almost exclusively. Then, after several life changes—he began to branch out and try other homeopathic schools of thought. Polarity analysis has now become one of his main tools—though by no means the only format of homeopathy he employs.

Before the workshop

  • Sign up for the 30-day free trial of the online polarity analysis repertory at https://polarity-analysis.com/main/signup. Dr. Shannon will be showing repertorial work for each of the example cases and you’ll want to follow along. (Do not sign up more than 30 days before the workshop or your free trial will have expired.)

    * We recommend using the Google Chrome browser. The         program also works with Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer          and Edge are not supported.

    * All participants will receive an additional free four-month trial     period to use the online repertory after the workshop.

    * Students can receive a free one-year student license by          sending proof of enrollment to

  • We recommend you purchase and read the book:

    Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy:  A Precise Path to the Simillimum by Heiner Frei

    WAHA has partnered with Narayana publishers to provide Heiner Frei's textbook at a special discounted price of 12% off the suggested retail price for WAHA members:

    Please email your book orders to info@narayana-verlag.de and as subject, enter WAHA 2018

    * In your email, please confirm your mailing address details and a phone number and they will send a link for payment

    * Please note; the books are coming from Germany!
         > You will need to choose shipping.
         > Shipping options include:
         > $14 for 21-28 day shipping or $25 for 5-day shipping

    Get your text soon, this special price from Narayana ends October 30, 2018.

  • Try a case or two using polarity analysis! This is your opportunity to work up some homeopathic prescriptions for patients and bring any questions and challenges derived from your experience with the system.

During the workshop

  • We recommend you bring a laptop (or sit with a friend to share one) since this is an interactive and hands-on workshop.

  • There will be a one-hour lunch break, and participants can bring their own lunch or eat at Bastyr’s cafeteria.

  • There will a 15-minute break in the morning and in the afternoon. WAHA will provide snacks and tea.

Workshop objectives

At the end of the day, you should be able to:

  • Use polarity analysis successfully with acute ailments

  • Use polarity analysis successfully with single chronic ailments—for instance—migraines or seasonal allergies

  • Use polarity analysis successfully with a patient with multiple chronic ailments

  • Troubleshoot complex cases that don’t readily improve from the first or second prescription.


  • $150

  • $50 for students

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