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Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

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With gratitude to Helios  Homeodynamics and I & E Organics Apothecary for their generous support in promoting homeopathy in our state.

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Membership Campaign for 2016 – 17


The Washington State Homeopathy Association
invites you to

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Dues are only $30.00 for 13 months!

You can renew your WAHA membership by clicking the DONATE button below and paying by PayPal, or you can send a check, made out to WAHA, for $30.00, and mail it to our treasurer:

Joleen Kelleher
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  • If you would like to advertise your practice on our website and you have a valid credential, the fee for this is $50.00

  • If you are a full-time student, you can join for $15.00. 

  •  And, if you would like to invite in a new member to WAHA, you can bring in your friend for half price; so you could get 2 memberships for $45.00

Last year in your name as a member of WAHA:

  • We attended training in a course given through MIT, the U.Lab to learn to work together with greater attunement.

  • We submitted comments to the FDA and the FTC hearings, bringing the power of our “collective” name to those hearings to keep homeopathic remedies available

  • Last Fall, we reached out to work with the “grassroots” by teaching a class at Bastyr University called:  Homeopathy for Moms and Dads:  Supporting Parents to Keep Kids Healthy

  • We created a system of Pod Mentors, to connect our professional members with parent study groups

  • We sponsored a Mid-Winter Gathering in which Krista Heron spoke to us on An In-Depth Look at The Doctrine of Signatures:  Looking for Patterns in the Substance that Help us Recommend the Remedy

  • In conjunction with Bastyr University , we organized our Fourth Annual Northwest Homeopaths’ Cured Case Conference:  “Strange, Rare and Peculiar” Cracks the Case

 This coming year, in your name as a member of WAHA:

  • We are supporting Lucy Vaughters and Joleen Kelleher in teaching a fabulous Homeopathic Acute Care Course, this Fall (see below)

  • We are inviting a surprise guest lecturer to our Mid-Winter Gathering at the end of January, 2017

  • We are collaborating with Bastyr University again to organize the Fifth Annual Cured Case Conference, on April 1, 2017

  • We are supporting homeopathy in the NW by supporting you, by sharing your   activities, classes, homeopathy offerings and news with our members 

In summary, the Washington State Homeopathy Association exists to:

  • call for and hold standards for the practice of homeopathy
  • help and inspire each other
  • increase our visibility and viability as a health care profession

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