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Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

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With gratitude to Helios Homeopathy for their solidarity and support of our work in promoting homeopathy on this side of the world!

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Washington State Homeopathy Association!

Last year, we hosted 3 conferences:

  •  In the Fall, we collaborated with Bastyr University to invite Doug Brown to teach us about using the Noble Gases in homeopathy

  • Mid-winter, we had a gathering for fellowship and to hear Karen Allen speak about using homeopathy for the "Mistuned Endocrine System"

  •  This spring, we worked with Bastyr University again to hear 4 Northwest homeopaths present cured cases:  Krista Heron, Stephen King, Nancy Mercer and Steven Olsen

Our speakers were all inspiring!  And getting together renewed our ties to each other and the profession.  This coming year we will host conferences as well as continue to work with our stated goals:

  •  To promote the professional status of homeopathy in Washington State

  • To create and strengthen community among homeopathic practitioners

  •  To share resources and network with other homeopathic associations

  •  To keep members informed about local and national events, such as conferences, learning/teaching opportunities, and homeopathy in the news

  • To sponsor seminars and educational opportunities

  • To promote excellence in homeopathic care by encouraging members to become certified

  • To support legislation that protects access to homeopathy

  • To make information about homeopathy available to the public

  • To provide referral of qualified homeopaths to consumers

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