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Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

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Success depends on accurate information 

The current worldwide epidemic has resulted in a hunger for information about appropriate care. That hunger has led to some premature conclusions about which homeopathic medicines might be the most helpful. 

In this rapidly evolving situation, the worldwide homeopathy community is working diligently to compile information about successful care on a wide enough basis to have confidence in the effectiveness of various medicines. 

Below we seek to bring you the latest accurate information. 

Homeopathy’s Enviable Record 

In past epidemics homeopathy practitioners have been able to identify a set of medicines that allow practitioners to narrow the search for the right one for most individuals. In fact, homeopathy has an enviable record of reducing mortality dramatically where it has been used in past epidemics. As early as 1801, only three years after  Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, published his first treatise on homeopathy, he was able to identify a medicine for an epidemic of scarlatina, and it was used successfully to address the disease. 

This current epidemic presents an opportunity for homeopathy to show that it can have a leading role in reducing suffering when there are few other options. But that will only happen with your support in disseminating accurate and verified information regarding which homeopathic medicines have demonstrated their effectiveness. 

The Best Course For Now 

The best course for now is to follow the guidelines of health officials for avoiding an infection. If you become ill, you should consult with your homeopathy practitioner about appropriate care. If you are seriously ill, you may need to consider options that include conventional medical care. If so, homeopathy still can work alongside conventional care if your physician is amendable to this approach. 

If you want to use homeopathy, then CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL HOMEOPATHY PRACTITIONER. This is a complex situation. Various stages of the illness have been identified which require individualized care. This is not a good time for self-care using homeopathy. Professional homeopathy practitioners are experienced in supporting your health and well-being in epidemics and will be up-to-date on the best homeopathic approaches. 

Your homeopathy practitioner will address your condition as he or she always has—by evaluating your health condition and individualizing your care. Homeopathy, of course, works to elicit the body’s own healing response, a response that can help to strengthen your overall health and put you back on the road to recovery.

 When Will We Know More? 

Homeopaths who are experts in addressing epidemics are currently gathering information from practitioners worldwide. Experts at the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) —a free, donation-based service providing acute care and collecting (with consent) epidemiological data—and at other organizations around the world are creating databases about the care of COVID-19 patients in order to discover their essential symptoms and the set of medicines that most closely fits those symptoms. There is no known or tested preventative homeopathic medicine for this epidemic. 

Keep in mind that patients in different stages of a disease have distinct profiles and therefore require different remedies. No one homeopathic remedy is right for all patients in all stages. COVID-19 appears to have three distinct stages: 1)  mild to moderate respiratory symptoms and fever, 2) pneumonia and respiratory distress, and 3) respiratory failure and collapse. Each stage will likely require a separate homeopathic medicine or set of medicines.

In these unprecedented times, we are learning by collaborating...

We believe that we’ll be hearing soon from AIH, HomeopathyHelpNow.com and other experts working on which set of homeopathic medicines are best for addressing the needs of persons during this epidemic. In the meantime, stay well and care for any illness as your homeopathy practitioner and/or other health care provider recommend.

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